Friday, February 11, 2011

Glasgow, Scotland - An amazing city

Back from a trip to Glasgow, Scotland...truly a wonderful city whose people are just as amazing.  While my time to explore was limited (there on business) I did manage a visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.  The museum is a complete mix of categories as it ranges from sculpture and paintings to wildlife and even pipe organs.
  The picture at left was just an amazing display of facial expression masks in an interesting me this was well thought out and was a joy to see.
  The museum also dabbles in the city's history and of curiosity was that this city is in love with cowboys and also a love for line dancing.  This connection seems to have originated with a visit from Buffalo Bill's Wild West show over a 100 years ago.  Some artifacts from the visit reside in the museum.  I did not visit the "Grand Ole Opry" shown on the map my concierge provided but suspect the location keeps the love affair alive.
  The highlight of the visit to the museum was to see Rembrandts "Man with arms" and the mystery of whom the painting was representing or modeled after.  Rembrandt was one amazing artist,  I sat in front of this painting for almost 30 minutes just to marvel at the depth of the painting.  Seeing the painting in person you get to see how dark the colors are, yet it is amazing that he can create so many tonal levels that provide it's depth. 
  Also within the museum are numerous sculptures by Auguste Rodin (of "The Thinker" fame).  Truly marvelous. 
  All-in-all a good choice for what time I had available and besides if you are tired you can just take a break and listen to a pipe organ concert. 
  Entrance to this museum is free and they have collection boxes for those who wish to donate (couldn't resist throwing a few george washingtons amongst the GBP's).  If your in the area, this museum has my endorsement.