Friday, December 24, 2010

Nothing like a gift of Heinecke wood...

...yep, to a woodcarver there is nothing better than receiving another shipment of fresh stock from the Heinecke family.  These folks harvest some of the finest basswood out there and it cuts beautifully!  In preparation for my upcoming instructing at my club I ordered up some practice sticks and couldn't resist ordering up some additional blocks...Merry Christmas to me!!!

  To all my friends and fellow carvers out there I wish the wamest and happiest of holidays may it be filled with joy!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

FINALLY...a little bit of carving...

 Well, not so much for me, but for others.  While my ability to carve has been severely impacted by other forces I have been able to regularly attend the local Woodcarving club meetings and will be providing 6 sessions of instruction for my fellow woodcarvers.  This is my first formal class as usually I impart advice on an as needed basis.  Feeling the need to fill the void in instruction I have decided to instruct the class on basic knife carving.  Since I have observed that the need exists I will begin with the basics...wish me luck!