Saturday, March 2, 2013

DA GRUMPS - Backscratcher

   About 7 years ago I bought a hilbilly backscratcher roughout and to this day it is a handy tool in the man cave.  As I continue to work on my design abilities I thought I would give designing my own version a go.  The intention with this one was to add my type of humor intio it and also continue to work on expression. 
   As most others do I started by taking a picture of myself in the desired position and used that as my reference.  The focus here was on arm position and expression.  As you can see from the waist down he is pretty blah, but that is intentional.  My designs intent was to focus on the facial expression and arm positioning.  I am please with the way this turned out and might make further attempts at expanding on this thought.
  I hope you find this one amusing and may your tools be forever sharp!!