Sunday, January 31, 2010

...slow does not begin to describe my progress...

   Well another couple of weeks closer to the Charlotte show and a little progress has been made.  As you can tell I am still outlining and blocking in the figure.  When carving it is important to save the detail for last and ensure you have the layout correct first.  Trust me (and the all of my instructors) will save a lot of wasted effort if you ensure you have the areas blocked out. 
   As you can see I have the basic head shape and form I was looking for.  The nose is beginning to show basic form , the jaw line is in place,  the ear shape is somewhat defined ,  the shirt collar is starting its curl,  the tie has been sketched and outlined, the hair and crown of the head have the shape I desire, the cheeks and hollows are where I'd like them,  the eye mounds have not been defined yet but I have ensured the brow line I desire will be accomodated by the wood left there.
  So, for next steps I will begin adding detail.  I usually start with the nose, then eyes, moustache and mouth.  I will ensure I have the proper shape to cheeks and temple, And complete the eye brows.  I next will most likely will finish the crown of the head, then on to the ears and hair.  Once complete I will move south until it is complete. 
  As I add the aforementioned detail, I will kepp in mind my work on actual Caricature.  Given my timeline I better get moving so I ensure I leave time for the base. 

  Stay warm and carve something!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 CCA Seminar and Competition

  Just a quick note to let everyone know that the CCA has published the brochures for the 2010 Seminars and Competition to be held in Converse, IN. 


  Good luck to all...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So yes, I do still exist...and yes I do need to apologize for not posting my progress...

...sometimes life does get in the way and of course the first to suffer is our art.  My job has taken up a good portion of my time lately and during those times I do not like to push myself to carve as the quality I like will not be there.  What I love about carving is that it's always there waiting for you like an old friend and even when you are too busy to carve you can at least plan your next moves or solve the next riddle.  In my case I was having problems getting my sand paper belts to adhere properly on my sharpening machine and had to turn to my good friend Mark for advice.  It was a good reason to give him a call and catch up on what he's up to as well.

As you can see from the pictures I made some further modifications to the clay model and I went ahead and made a side profile cutout of him.  I then tooks steps to start blocking in the carving.  Mind you no detail will be added to the carving until this "layout" or "blocking in" process has been completed.  At this point in the process it pays to acknowledge the anatomy of the gentlemen to ensure all parts properly line up.  An example of this is ensuring that that the jaw eminates stright down from the front of the earlobe and then curves towards the chin.  Details like this make the carving "believable".  The study of the anatomical features of the face is crucial and if you get a good reference book it will show you the difference between a male and female skull and differing characterisitics.

Have a great day carving, and I'll post updates as I can....ENJOY!!