Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow, the sun does shine in NY...

After many months of our normal gray winter season here in Western NY we are finally seeing gradually more sun.  It is nice to know spring is around the corner.

Now that the Charlotte show is complete my next focus is on the local show put on by the Geneseee Valley Woodcarvers.  The show is held in Rochester every spring at the Rochester Museum and Science center.   Like most woodcarving clubs it does suffer from the lack of youth.  It is not from trying though.  These are a great group of accomplished gentlemen and ladies.  The majority of the group appears to be bird carvers,  but there is always a chance I can pass along my sickness, a love for Caricature carving.  Last fall I worked on an original design which is a display of my typical brand of humor.  It is keenly appropriate that I will be taking it to the show, a show where some of the members have achieved such aclaim with their bird carvings even to the level of the Ward's World Championships.

And so it goes that my original carving "The Elusive Baltimore Oreo" will make it's trek to this show...
I hope it's worth a smile!


  1. I like it Tony! That should open the eyes of a few bird carvers!!


  2. Hehe, Anthony I like this carving very much! This is GaryMc From the Wood Illustrated Forum. I am adding a link to your blog on mine. Come take a look at it if you would and add a link to mine if you like it!

  3. Opps, forgot to give you the URL to my New Bolgsite! it's: