Friday, December 17, 2010

FINALLY...a little bit of carving...

 Well, not so much for me, but for others.  While my ability to carve has been severely impacted by other forces I have been able to regularly attend the local Woodcarving club meetings and will be providing 6 sessions of instruction for my fellow woodcarvers.  This is my first formal class as usually I impart advice on an as needed basis.  Feeling the need to fill the void in instruction I have decided to instruct the class on basic knife carving.  Since I have observed that the need exists I will begin with the basics...wish me luck!


  1. Anthony
    Don't think you will have any problems , keep us posted!

  2. Thanks guys, I have order some timber from Heinecke and have been dialing up for the class.

  3. And it was a great class, well attended and a very attentive group as well. Thanks for the class Tony. Found your Blog off the Heinecke site. God wood for sure!