Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dull Tools make for a bad carving's something that helps!

While out in the mid-west carving with Marv and the gang at Whillock's Woodcarving I struck up a conversation with a kindly gentlemen from I-O-WAY, Mr. Roger Beane.  Roger is a former schoolteacher and an excellent woodcarver as well as a good steward of the hobby we love.  The conversation started out discussing the amazing collection of tool protectors,  some of you may recall an article of his ingenous method for creating carved knife sheaths (one was carved like Elvis).  Well the two of us were discussing with Marv the different kinds of tool steel and the topic of sharpening came up.  Roger was kind enough to demonstrate the method he uses and pointed me in the direction of Chris Whillock and a particular DVD on the topic.  The DVD was from Everett Ellenwood titled "SHARPENING SIMPLIFIED".  So far I have view the intoriduction segments and the chapter on knife carving (of course).  The demonstration was performed using Water Stones with clear directions on how to prepare and maintain the stones.  The introductory sections show the different manual sharpening options (no power tools) from water stones to oil stones and on to diamond stones.  The DVD goes into grit and cost comparisons between these solutions which should be a benefit to all looking for supporting information.

The instructional section related to knives goes through the complete set of steps required to bring your tools to the proper sharpness and goes into to an adequate amount of detail explaining what the proper shape should be and also how you can tell when you have completed each step.

The DVD also has sections for sharpening your gouges (standard and micro) and v-tools.

While I do not claim to be an expert at sharpening or metallurgy, this regular Joe recommends this instructional DVD for both the Beginner and Novice carver.  This information contained within is very helpful and if used properly will enable your enjoyment of the woodcarving hobby.  If you are just starting out in the hobby keeping your tools sharp is extremely important and buying this DVD before buying your first tools would not be a bad idea.

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