Sunday, April 21, 2013

For a Song...

Ryan Olsen's Barbershop Quartet
  In recent events the Caricature Carvers Of America have placed their recent creation up for sale and it's one that most have only caught a glimpse of.  The CCA's 1930's Street Scene has been put up for sale (building by building) some of which are already sold.  It's no surprise that the scene with Joe You's figures went first but that also was followed by a quick sale of Dave Stetson's "Under Construction" building.  As of this writing 3 of the 11 scenes have been sold.
  As done with previous projects these items will be the subject of another book published by Schiffer Publishing.  The scene will be placed on public display for the first and most likely only time at Dayton's Artistry in Wood show to be held in November.
  While I do not have the means to purchase a building I will procure a copy of the book.  In what I can view online the one set of figures that jumps out at me is the Barbershop Quartet shown above.  The quartet is from one of the organizations newest members Ryan Olsen hailing from the great potato state of Idaho.  This is one grouping I look forward to seeing in person.  Of course Joe You's contribution is one I always look forward to and he doesn't disappoint with his likeness of CCA legend Dave Dunham.  No matter whom I speak with Dave seems to have left a lasting impression and I would have liked to have met him.
  Other carvings of note in this collection were a couple of  "zoot-suited" gentlemen by messers Kaisersatt and Falin, fireman sliding down a pole by PJ Driscoll, a comical scene by Chris Hammack, and a paperboy by Mitch Cartledge.  Of course, there are many talented carvers who contributed and this review is based on the images posted by the CCA.  I am sure like all of the other scenes there are many quality items to discover.
  Also of note, the CCA has put the entire CCA Train up for sale for one price.  My hope is that it finds a nice home where it can be displayed to be enjoyed by all.
  Check out the CCA's website for more details.


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  1. Thanks for the props my fellow carver.
    Joe is an amazing carver...I could have spent 3 or 4 days in his carving studio.
    Hoping we can can whittle together some time. you do great stuff.