Sunday, January 5, 2014

New office needed some character...

A. Filetti - Business card holder
New office.

With changing jobs came a new office that I needed to make my own.  I remembered in the past when I had the pleasure of carving with the renown Mr. Kaisersatt we were fortunate to be able to visit his carving lair.  I have always looked at Marv with great respect for his level of creativity, but when I saw his apartment it was interesting to see the types of things he has carved over the years which included an outstanding tape dispenser caricature.  So with my new office I decided I needed a business card holder and the picture to the left is my rendition. 

To create this carving I simply took a picture of myself in the pose for reference, the took a block of wood and outlined what I thought would be his front profile and cut it out on my bandsaw.  Once cut I just started whittling.  It is finished with acrylics, boiled linseed oil, and wax. 

The greatest challenge with the carving of this figure was of course the hands, however I just used my own as a model.

Simple carving and fun to carve.

Another year has come and gone,  and it's still a great day to be carving...what will you carve on today??


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