Sunday, August 31, 2014

A new deal...

Chris Hammack Barflies

So I was speaking with my contemporaries and it was heard through the grapevine that due to the popularity of Chris Hammack's Barflies he was going to offer a subscription.  Rumors being rumors I reached out to my friend for the details.  For those of you interested here are the details Chris has provided:

Here's the barfly details.

Basically, I have lots of people that are carving all the barflys as they come out, so I decided to start a "barfly of the month" club. Starting in October and the first of every month thereafter, for $18.50 I will send them a brand new barfly and go-by sheet every month. I have the first six already carved. I'll attach a photo of these six to a separate email. And once a year I will send them a free one if they are a member of the club. Also, these barflys will only be available to club members. They can also order more than one, study casts, or finished castings of these barflys once they are out. They will only go on my regular website for sale to everyone after they have been available to the BTM members only for a year or so.  That's the program! Should be fun to carve and they will be all types of different subjects as you will see in the picture. 

All I need to sign them up is the following;
Address to ship to
Credit card number
Name on card
Expiration date on card
Authorization number on back of card
Zip code card is billed to 

That's it! They can send me the info at: 
Chris Hammack
PO box 2424
Stephenville, TX 76401

Or email me at my personal email.
Or call my cell. 254-485-0668

I hope this information serves you well and you are able to enjoy the menagerie that can only come from the talented mind of Chris Hammack.

Summer is ending and fall begins favorite time of the year.  No lawn mowing and more time to enjoy carving.  Carpe diem (and a knife too!)

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