Saturday, August 2, 2014

Chainsaw carvings, a spacious lodge, and a delicious lunch


If you happen to be traveling on Interstate 80 through the Land of Lincoln a noteworthy stop for a Woodcarver would be Starved Rock State Park.  Along with a historic tale comes an enormous lodge and hotel that has a nice restaurant.  The attraction for woodcarvers is the collection of Chainsaw carvings on the property.  As trees die in the park they commission different carvers to create carvings.  The skills demonstrated by the carvers seems to cover a broad range as some are of outstanding quality while others are of a more simplistic early carver quality (a place we all started from).  You can expect to spend maybe an hour looking at carvings spread out across the property but the it is a worthy stop for a traveler.  My only disparaging remarks would be that amidst the carvings sit some "castings" (ugh), that and the stain that is applied is like a heavy redwood stain one would apply to a picnic table.
So if you happen to be in the area take a look as some of the compositions are excellent.
   It's a beautiful summer day, are you carving????

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