Sunday, October 18, 2009

A carving owed...

  The small carving at left is truly a carving owed.  This one will be going to my friend "Big Dave", as I am the recipient of a carving he gave me last year in Charlotte.  You might ask how this exchange came about, quite simply I had started collecting the carvings of some of my fellow woodcarvers work and I was looking to purchase a neat little shelf sitter Big Dave had on display.  I really wanted to have one of his carvings in my collection and this particular carving really jumped out at me.  So, I asked him "hey Dave, how much for this shelf sitter?"  He looked at the carving and looked at me and said "I'll trade you,  you can have it and when you get around to it, give me one of yours".  What can I say, I am in the big fella's debt and it is a larger burden than you might think.  What can I give Big Dave that I think he would like and yet would represent my style in his collection.  I have given alot of thought and decided that it truly had to be an original and one in a style that represents me.  This twisted face is something other than the standard expression and is me striving for expression and movement, something I want to have in all of my designs.  The carving was left unpainted as I just couldn't see painting a carving that carried its shadows so well that it stands on its own without it. 
    In case you are just joining this carving community I should say that carving exchanges are quite common and it is a great way to being your own wood carvng collection.
    So this carving will be heading south where he will now take up residence with a good friend and fellow carver.  I sure hope Big Dave enjoys him...

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