Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello World!

Cpl Agar, F-Troop, Woodcarving by A. Filetti, 2006
Well off we go on another adventure!! It seems I have this ability to ramble on and on, so I thought I'd put it to good use and start a goes nothing!

I have been woodcarving as a hobby since around 1990 and have been enjoying it ever since. The hobby itself is relatively inexpensive but can take you in many directions and down many different paths. I chose "Caricature Carving" as I enjoy the humor and reactions to the carvings of this type. Caricature Carvers themselves enjoy a good joke and are some of the most enjoyable folk to be around. In fact the competitions, whittling contests, carving classes are some of the best times I've had as the social aspect of these events will leave you with a comfortable smile. Thats not to say we don't have our disagreements, but I'd say they are fewer than most and are usually related to a dispute of methods. Caricature Carvers are a giving group who are usually willing to share their methods and help a fellow carver anyway they can. I am blessed that I have many carvers I call friends
from many states far and wide. They come from many walks of
life, each having their own story to tell. The comeraderie adds to the enjoyment of this hobby as chewing the fat while doesn't get any better!

I hope to expound on this journey I have chosen and hopefully weave a tale worth telling. Along the way I hope to share news about this hobby and maybe inspire someone to pick up a knife and create something. As my stepfather Harry was fond of saying "let's do something today, even if we do it badly"!


  1. Tony:
    Fantastic Blog, keep up the great job.

  2. Tony, about time! Very, very nice.
    Fred Zavadil

  3. Nice Job Tony, going to be a great blog! This guy reminds me of old Larry Storch in that 60's US Cavalry sit com. I love it!


  4. I am glad to have found your blog. Thanks for the short, enjoyable read! I look forward to more!