Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Headin to Hickory!!!

   It's that wonderful time of the year,  the Catawba Valley Woodcarvers show at the Convention Center in Hickory, NC.  The show is in conjunction with a woodworking show benig sponsored by Klingspoor.  It draws a fair number of carvers and has some good talent represented.
   For me it's a time to get together with friends and see what is new in the world of Caricature Carving.  I hope to get together with Allen Goodmen and check out his knife offerings (been saving my pennies).  Its also a chance to add to my woodcarving collection, I hear there are some Hobos and Santas that will be passing through.
   If your in the area drop in,  it's free, and they even hand out free apples!! 

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  1. Salut, Hi, hello,
    Je suis un petit français qui suit votre blog avec plaisir car sclupter est votre deuxième nature.
    Je vous salue et vous souhaite longue vie.