Sunday, November 29, 2009

...and a one, and a two...

...and a three!  The carving at left was carved this Fall and is destined to be given as a present to a nearby friend.  It was carved in a class given by Mr. Eldon Humphries, here in western NY.  This humorous character is one of Eldon's designs (he has got a quite a few good designs he is currently working with).  This class was very enjoyable and Eldon is a good instructor and each carver left with a well completed carving. 
   Having said all this, I must be honest and say that this carving is really not "my style".  I was shown the carving prior to deciding on the class.  Now this might have you asking "why would I spend the money on a class that is going to carve a figure I personally would not normally carve?".  The answer is quite simple though.  My artistic skills are the composite of all types of knowledge from all sorts of places, media, and instructors.  I attend classes in the hopes that I will learn a new technique, or techniques I would care not to repeat.  The more methods I have at my disposal the greater of variety of carvings I can produce.  So when you are contemplating your next course ask yourself "what can this instructor offer me?"  Once you have an answer to that you can determine whether or not you would be getting your hard earned monies worth.
  As for this class and this carving...I learned to simulate ruffles and scrolls.  Something that will come into use in the future, as for the carving I am sure my friend will cherish it as it truly represents the eccentric individual he is. 

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  1. That's an interesting character you carved there, Tony. Your advice is well made and taken. I haven't taken any formal carving lessons, but when I do I will remember your post here.