Monday, November 2, 2009

Even a blind squirell gets a nut (once in a while)...

  One nice thing about attending Woodcarving shows is that there are usually plenty of items being raffled off in order to benefit the club.  The Catawba Valley Woodcarvers were no exception with about 30 items being raffled off (along with about 15 door prizes for competitors).  Well the man above showered his blessings down upon me and my one ticket came up gold!
  To give you a little background, the toolbox was carved and assembled by a gentlemen in the Carolinas well known for his Chip Carving abilities as well as overall woodworking skills.  I met Frank about 4 years ago when I traveled down to Charlotte for the first of many Woodcarving competitions I would attend.  Turns out he is originally from about 20 minutes east of the old hacienda and happens to know the great-grandparents of my grandchildren,  needless to say it truly is a small world.  I had chided Frank earlier in the day that the box did not have a large enough place for a Caricature Carver to keep his knives (joklingly of course) and while I do love his work and this box is gorgeous I believe I will turn his good deed into two, and raffle it off at our local clubs meet next spring.  Great job on the box Frank and we appreciate your donation. 


  1. That is a beautiful toolbox, Tony. You are a lucky man to have won it. And you are a very generous man for putting it up for raffle at your local club.

  2. Tony:
    That's a great Tool Box,it would look great under my Christmas Tree,LOL, that is a real keeper, couldn't have gone to a nicer guy.

  3. Tony - that is an awesome toolbox. I made one for myself that is rustic at best.

    Once my carving skill improve, I think I'm going to try to make on like that.

    I love it!