Friday, November 27, 2009

How do I...

  Inspiration can come from just about anywhere,  however, when we are inspired we often find that we just don't know how to go about it.  A nice assortment of reference books can assist with this. 
  In the picture shown at left is Andrew Loomis' "Fun with a Pencil" a great instructional drawing book that was purchased off of Ebay.  Also in the picture are Cartoon Animation which I use to help me design motion into my carvings,  Tales from the Crypt which has great physcal detail of the human body especially when it comes to expression, and the last book is Warner Brothers "That's all Folks" which is a wonderful history of the Animators and how their work and efforts grew with time and effort.  These books as well as a whole lot more provide me the basic information I need to create the effect I am looking for.  So next time you are at your library browse through the drawing and animation books as well as books about the things you know (I grew up reading Tales from the Crypt comics and watching Bugs Bunny).  For more immediate results you can always do a Google image search too.
  Enjoy the holiday weekend...carve something!

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  1. Another great post, Tony. The first book you mention "Fun with a Pencil" is available as a PDF from I downloaded it from another website months ago when I first started getting serious about woodcarving. Even though it was written in 1939, it contains timeless information.